Introducing Mark

Introduction For His Keynote

Mark Allen is a unique individual with a unique story. He is arguably one of the most successful endurance athletes of our time. During his 15-year career as a professional triathlete, Mark won 66 of the 96 races he entered. He is the Michael Jordan, the Wayne Gretzky of his sport. He is best known for his six consecutive Hawaiian Ironman victories, and for being the oldest champion of that race.

The Hawaiian Ironman starts with a 2.4-mile swim in the open ocean. This is followed by a 112-mile bike ride through windy desolate lava. Then to cap it off, the race finishes with a brutal 26.2-mile run. The distance of the event combined with the hot, windy conditions make this the toughest single-day athletic event in the world. Just thinking about it makes most of us want to take a nap!

As you will hear through Mark’s stories, his victories at the Ironman were not automatic… far from it. Mark will be sharing with us the principles that enabled him to turn devastating setbacks into historic triumphs; principles each of you can use to achieve the highest levels of success in your personal and professional lives.

The term “Ironman” has become synonymous with significant achievement. In our own way, in our own lives, we are all capable of achieving Ironman levels of success. Here’s some footage to add perspective to what Mark has been able to accomplish.

(Play the video.)

Called the World’s Fittest Man by Outside Magazine, Ladies and Gentlemen please help me welcome… Mark Allen!